EP Olicía

EP Olicía (2018)

This is our EP „Olicía“ which we composed, arranged, recorded and produced all by ourselves trying to develop our own style of electronical-handmade loopjazz. Influenced by artists like SOHN, Laura Perrudin, Radiohead and many more we wanted to go further, dig deeper, sing higher, get closer, expand our creativity and chase the opportunity.

Six songs, each one a little journey and all full of new sounds, loops and percussions, basslines and lyrics, that tell stories of dreams and love, loved ones and life in general.

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Anna-Lucia Rupp – voice, fx, guitar, pocketpiano, qarqaba, klimbim
Fama M’Boup – voice, fx, kora, drum pad, asalato, qarqaba, bubum

mixed and mastered by The EmU Audio Mastering

The Wheel (SOHN)
Voyage Sans Bouger
Le Poison (Laura Perrudin)
15 Step (Radiohead)