LAYERS – a collaboration EP (2019)

LAYERS is a collaboration EP.
The A-side of the record contains three Olicía tracks which all illuminate time, the here and now and a look into the future. It is a study of temporal and musical dimensions that overlap and merge just like the element of loops in our music – layer by layer.

On the B-side of the record are three remixes of these songs. We put our tracks in the hands of good friends and wonderful producers. Our voices, basslines and drum recordings got rearranged and restructured in order to create new music with whole new colors – layer by layer.

We had the pleasure to work with very different people in different places and different backgrounds who all made this EP a very special experience.

A1 NOW recorded at o-cetera studios, Dresden
A2 TIME recorded by Michael Fetscher at White Fir Studios, Trochtelfingen
A3 AFTERLIFE recorded by Miles DeIaco at Monoton Studios, Berlin
B1 AFTERLIFE remixed by Assimilation Process
B2 TIME remixed by Carl Suspect
B3 NOW remixed by Jacob Stoy

special appearance on A2: Florian Dobler aka. Frank Funk (drums), Micha Classen (guitar) and Tom Wauch (synths)

A1, A2 and A3 mixed by [VISION]
B2 mixed by The EmU Audio Mastering
mastered by tailout.de
artwork by Carl-Johannes Schulze