Anna-Lucia Rupp – voice, fx, guitar, piano, pocketpiano, qarqaba
Fama M’Boup – voice, fx, piano, kora, drum pad, asalato, qarqaba


Looping creates a transcendental mood in which the audience can’t help but move and dig into our world of smooth basslines that team up with wild percussions and the voices in all kinds of colours. It’s what we call electronic handmade loopjazz since all the sounds are live and created in the moment, no cheating, no backing tracks…

Both of us, Anna-Lucia and Fama, are educated as Jazz vocalists and musicians. We came together to draw on the experiences that we have made before, playing jazzclubs in Europe with different jazz and pop projects and gaining experience on stage.

We’ve been playing together since 2017 and we are in that process of learning new skills every time we see each other. One of the results is our EP which we composed, arranged, recorded and produced entirely by ourselves in 2018.

In the beginning looping and the technical aspect of our music were hard to overcome, but we did it and we learned how to deal with a machine when it comes to making music and creating emotions. For us music is an organical form of selfexpression and a looper can be part of that process.


There are numerous artists that inspire us in making and creating music.
Harpists with beautiful voices, that sing in french tongue (Laura Perrudin)
Bands that developed soundscapes never heard before (Radiohead & SOHN)
Vocalists that tell stories (Ella, Sarah, Betty)
Ancient rhythms that make your body move without you knowing (West-African music)
The concept of improvisation in a framed musical structure (jazz standards)
The sheer impossibility to stay calm when meeting an inspiring person (Anna-Lucia & Fama)

Olicía combines these influences in lyrics, music and the approach to music in general. We know how important it is to make music, articulate different subjects through music and express ourselves with an instrument or simply the voice as the most approachable instrument ever.

We want to go further, dig deeper, sing higher, get closer, expand our creativity and chase the opportunity.