It rings, buzzes and booms

when two women have more than two voices, you want to burst
when loops, synthesizers, basslines and percussion take over
when outfits match the texture of sound your eyes and ears fuse
when orchestrated voices enwrap you like velvet and gold

it clashes, hums and dances


Anna-Lucia Rupp – voice, fx, guitar, piano, pocketpiano, qarqaba
Fama M’Boup – voice, fx, piano, kora, drum pad, asalato, qarqaba


Looping creates a transcendental mood in which the audience can’t help but move and dig into our world of smooth basslines that team up with wild percussions and the voices in all kinds of colours. It’s what we call electronic handmade loopjazz since all the sounds are live and created in the moment, no cheating, no backing tracks…

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we are currently working on our album… check later for more shows


LAYERS – a collaboration EP (2019)

With LAYERS we discovered temporal and musical dimensions that overlap and merge just like the element of loops in our music – layer by layer. Also we put our tracks in the hands of good friends and wonderful producers that changed colors and discovered the different layers of our music in a whole different way.


Olicía EP (2018)

This is our debut EP „Olicía“ which we composed, arranged, recorded and produced all by ourselves in early 2018 and it is the starting point to our Olicía adventure.